New research on no-alcohol beer in pubs

From Justin Kissinger:

“New research published in the journal Addiction shows that making no-alcohol beer available on draft in pubs and bars may encourage consumers to moderate their drinking choices. The findings are consistent with previous research that show policies nudging consumers to opt for lower alcohol beverages are an effective way to improve public health outcomes.

While beer is already the lowest strength option at the bar, brewers are investing in lower- and no-alcohol categories to meet increasing demand. If we get it right, we have a generational opportunity to redefine drinking patterns and promote moderation, particularly in bars and restaurants.

These products give consumers the option to control their alcohol consumption without compromising their enjoyment. This enjoyment is crucial since the Addiction study showed that pubs that offered no-alcohol beers on tap did not experience a loss of revenue.

We must all work together to provide more access to lower- and no-alcohol beers. In social environments like pubs and bars, more options allow everyone to be part of the occasion whether or not they choose to drink alcohol.”

Learn more about this study here.

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