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From seed to sip, beer is crafted and served locally, strengthening economies through a complex value chain.

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As a local product, beer supports a robust value chain, generating jobs and revenue in communities around the world.

Brewers invest in local industries, from agriculture to hospitality, driving sustainable economic development.

The beer sector significantly contributes to the national economy of low and middle-income countries.

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What they’re saying

The beer sector is strongly tied to overall EU prosperity."

Throughout history - from ancient Mesopotamia to today's craft beer explosion - the production and consumption of beer have played a pivotal role in economics and politics on a local, national, and even global scale."

"We call (fonio) a small grain with big impact...This small-but-mighty grain is a metaphor for the power of fonio potentially. We’re building a supply chain that empowers people.”

Economics Study

Authored by Oxford Economics on behalf of the WBA, this study is the most comprehensive, global impact report examining the beer sector to date.